Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Clutch Cable!

On way home on a dark and cold Monday night my clutch cable went all weird.

So Monday morning having to take the Betty the bus for a few weeks while the Beetle had some work for this MOT.

I thought that my left leg was weak when changing gear, just thought it was my back playing up after crawling around under the beetle all weekend.

So left work at 4pm and thought the clutch bite point was a little lower than usual. Drive 500m down from work and lost the bite point as it was nearly on the floor.

So pulled into my breaking down road (Exhaust feel off in the same place before)

So thought okay clutch cable is on its way out.

So had overalls and enough light on my mobile I crawled underneath. I carry a spare clutch cable for events like this! (Thanks Darren!)

Got gearbox end released and then disassembled the pedal and un-clipped the front of the cable off.

Pulled amount 1 foot forwards and then it got stuck. Pulled 1 foot backwards and it got stuck.

after struggling for over an hour I gave up and called the AA.

And waited

And waited

Until finally the AA man arrived - Guess what it was the same guy who came out before when my pulley wheel went (see earlier posts) I am getting a reputation among the AA patrols!

So we cut off the front pedal end and tried to pull it out from the rear. Got about 2 foot and it got stuck again.

Then he gave up and buggered off saying he did not have time fr this and why don't I buy a "more reliable" car! Cheek!

Anyway so after another 3 hours (Now 8pm) the low loader arrives.

Here she is having a piggy back:

Anyway the nice AA man managed to help me get her home and also back on the drive (Great guy the 2nd bloke!)

So after a week I managed to get the time to refit the cable with my spare.

Finally got the Bowden tube off and the cable was completely stuck inside the tube!

See burred photo:

Looks like it has cracked and jammed the cable inside.

So had already ordered a new Bowden tube (NOTE - Brazilian specified part does NOT fit - It is 350mm where my old one and replacement was a 330mm Beetle one - Remember the gearbox in a Brazilian Aircooled is from a beetle)

So got the replacement cable from the bus. Greased everything and slid the new one in.

Connected and reassembled the pedal assembly. All good.

Then went to connect the gearbox and GUESS WHAT!....

Too short by about 20mm from the clutch arm on the gearbox.

Great another Part from custom commercial specifically for a Brazilian Bay DOES NOT FIT!

Here is the cable:

As shown on the label its 3168mm long (20mm too short!)

So quickly ordered another one from Just kampers.

This is the part I ordered and it fits a RHD Danbury Brazilian Aircooled Bay

You need exactly 3190mm long cable.

Anyway right cable (3190mm) and Right Bowden Tube (330mm) clutch is ALL good!

Just remember that your bite point will have moved! As I nearly rolled back into the house and through the bay window into the sitting room!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My van is eating pulley wheels

Okay my van has started eating pulley wheels!

So pulley number one went a few weeks ago and was replaced  then another one went at the weekend!

Pulley number 1

Pulley number 2

So something must be going on to rip off the welds.

My only idea is that a horizontal force must be acting on the alternator shaft which causes the pulley to be forced backwards to the edge of the alternator.

The only thing that I can think is the bearing is overheating and allowing the movement.

So the bearings feel smooth and spin cleanly but suspect at high speed it heats up and give up.

So new alternator required. Went for Bosch orginal.

Decided  to take the engine out as it's quite hard to lift the fan housing out.

Engine and fan housing off.

Need to buy a 36mm socket to get the fan hub nut off.

More to follow